These videos are not meant to be an alternative to the documentation provided with the plugin. Reading the documentation is recommended in order to learn how to use the plugin at its maximum capability. However, watching these videos will give you an overview of how the administration area looks like, how you can create, update, publish and customize sliders.

Installing the plugin

Just like any other WordPress plugin, Slider PRO is very easy to install as you will see in this video. Once the plugin is installed, the Slider PRO menu will appear in the Admin sidebar.

Create and publish a slider

You can have a working slide with just a few steps. The interface for creating and editing a slider is user friendly and offers you many options.

If you need to upload images to the server you can use the default Media Library. After uploading the images you can use the slider’s custom built Media Loader to insert images into slides. After creating/updating a slider you can easily preview it and then publish it using the shortcode generator.

Customizing the slider

This slider plugin offers you over 150 options, which can be set globally as well as per individual slide. These options are organized in categories based on their purpose and you can display only the options that you intend to use. Every option will display a description tooltip if you hover over it.

More videos are coming soon…

For a complete presentation of the slider’s features please consult the documentation provided with the plugin.