Slider PRO - WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

Open Source
We provide you with the complete and uncompressed source code of the Slider PRO WordPress slider, so that you will be able to make modifications to it if you need, or even learn how certain modules were built.
Free Upgrades
As we add even more features to this slider plugin, you will benefit of free upgrades even if the price increases in the future, which may happen as new features are being added.
Free Support
We offer free and quick support. Most of the times we respond to inquiries within a few hours, depending on the time zone (we reside in Europe). We also offer assistance in setting up the slider plugin into your website.

Responsive layout
Slider PRO is a responsive slider and will adapt to the size of its container, making it ideal for use in responsive website. Also, you can choose from several different scale types.
Display content from posts
This WordPress slider allows you to dynamically fetch content from posts, pages and custom post types based on any taxonomy (default or custom). You can also display the images from a post's default gallery.
Mobile support
Being a responsive slider it will work great in mobile devices. In addition to its responsive feature, the slider provides a 'Swipe' effect which will allow you to navigate through slides using touch gestures.

Animated/Static Layers
The layers can easily be created and customized. You can set them to be static or animated and you can add any content type, from simple text to complex HTML content, like videos.
Smart video
YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos will automatically be handled by the slider, so the video will pause/stop when you navigate to a different slide. Also the auto slideshow will pause when the video plays.
100+ possible transition effects
This slider offers simple, but elegant, fade, slide and swipe transitions also more complex slice transitions, which can be customized to obtain hundreds of possible variations.

Slider PRO allows you to display a thumbnail for each slide. The thumbnails can be simple image representation of the slide or they can hold text and complex HTML content.
Lazy loading
You can set the slider to load images only when they need to be displayed. This feature is very important if you load a great number of images but also if you want to reduce the loading time of the page.
Keyboard navigation
The slider gives you the option to navigate through slides using the left and right keyboard keys. Also, if a slide has a link attached you can navigate to that URL or open the lightbox using the ENTER key.

Built-in Lightbox support
For each slide, you can specify images, flash content and even YouTube or Vimeo videos that will be opened in a lightbox. You can chose between 6 lightbox themes and you can also specify the width and height of each modal box.
150+ customizable options
Every aspect of the slider can be customized either through the more than 100 available properties or through CSS. It's also possible to set options per individual slides.
The slider can go in fullscreen mode in browsers that have support for HTML5 fullscreen. The fullscreen icon can be visible all the time or only on hover.

Auto slideshow
Slider PRO provides you with the option to automatically loop through all the slides. A nice timer animation will run when this feature is enabled. Also, you have the option to pause the slideshow when the mouse is over the slider.
You can use this WordPress slider with confidence as both the slider's admin area and the slider itself support all major browsers: Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Chrome, Opera. Most of the features work even in IE6.
Multiple skins
Currently there are over 15 slider skins and 7 scrollbar skins, many of them providing several color variations. The layered PSD or PNG files are included so you can modify the size or color of the elements.

Slider PRO uses best practices to ensure that the files used by the slider are included in the header only when a slider is used inside a page or post, thus saving bandwidth and loading time.
Preview slider
This is a cool feature as it allows you to preview a slider before publishing it. You can just play with different settings and then click the preview button and the slider will pop up in a lightbox.
Multisite support
The slider will work great in a WordPress Multisite. You can activate the slider network-wide or only for specific sites. If the plugin is activated network-wide, it will be available for each newly added site.

Inline Help
You don't have to look in the documentation files all the time to see what a setting does. All you have to do is move the mouse over the setting's name and a description of that setting will appear in a tooltip.
Advanced shortcodes
With shortcodes, not only you can publish sliders created in the WordPress admin area but you can also create new sliders from scratch. Also the shortcodes allow you to override the existing settings and/or content of the slider or of a particular slide.
Localized for translation
The plugin provides a simple .po file which you can use to easily translate the text from the administration area in any language. If you do a translation of Slider PRO we would be happy if share it with us.

Skin Editor
Slider PRO provides a skin editor which loads and reads all the skin files automatically. You can easily edit all your skins and even add new skins which will automatically be recognized.
Default Wordpress interface
In the Admin area, Slider PRO uses the default WordPress design elements which WordPress users are already familiar with. This is an important feature if you plan to package the slider with your theme.
Easy slider management
You have an overview of all sliders created. You can see the ID of the slider and the dates when a slider was created and modified last time. Also, you have quick access to edit, preview, delete, duplicate or export the slider.

Custom Widget
This WordPress slider plugin will also provide you with a custom widget from which you can easily insert any of your sliders into the sidebar or footer areas.
Import and Export Sliders
Slider PRO allows you to export existing sliders or import new ones, which enables you to easily move your sliders from a WordPress installation to another one.
Rich editor button
The Slider PRO WordPress plugin will create a custom button in the rich editor which will provide you with a more intuitive way to insert any slider into your posts.